The Principles of Frol


A clothesmaker believes in having relationships with our garments that are built on acceptance, kindness and commitment.


A clothesmaker creates forms that slip alongside the natural curves of your body by sculpting each garment for each individual person.


A clothesmaker works from a workshop where he/she is not only skillfully handling the tools and materials, but is also using an intimate knowledge that is stored in the mind to tackle the constantly arising difficulties that grow out of variations.


A clothesmaker casts aside the idea of constantly designing fashion, to instead hand-produce clothes that respect people and the environment.


A clothesmaker is not interested in grouping designs into economic seasons with photos showing that the young, the famous and the beautiful are somehow better than the misfits, the outcasts and the hopeless cases.


A clothesmaker acknowledges that clothing and people are deserving of prices that are distant from both the extremes of next-to-nothing cheap and highway-robbery expensive.